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Deer Mountain Fire Protection District
Recent Accomplishments
Future Plans

Hello Deer Mountain Community!

Recent years have been busy and much as been accomplished in the Deer Mountain Fire Protection. Together the community, firefighters, EMTs and district board members will continue to advance our emergency services for the sake of all in the area.

2018 Accomplishments:

New Board of Directors:
January 2018 -- A new, more experienced set of directors took district board seats in January 2018.  
February 2018 -- Joe Watts returned to be intrim fire chief. Roster is now up to 29 people working for Deer Mountain fire and EMS. Applications are being taken for firefighters and EMTs.  
Truck Purchase:
February 2018 -- The district purchased a rescue truck for $40,000 and sold the truck that this truck replaces.  
Legal Counsel:
March 2018 -- The board approved a new legal firm to represent the district.  
New Ambulance Arrives:
March 2018 -- Beautiful new 2018 ambulance was purchased with 80% grant money.  
Auxillary Formed:
March 2018 -- An auxillary (support group) to the fire department/EMS service has been formed and is welcoming new members.  
Three DM EMS Personnel Express Interest in Advanced Training:
March 2018 -- A grant is being written to send 1 DM firefighter through the EMT-Basic course and 2 EMT-Basics through the EMT-Intermediate course.  
April 2018 -- Joe Watts sworn in as fire chief of the Deer Mountain Fire Protection District.  
Deer Mountain Helps on a State Wildfire:
April 2018 -- First request from the Colorado Fire Service for Deer Mountain firefighter assistance on a large wildfire. First Deer Mountain Station #1 truck and crew responds for the 2018 fire season.  
New Fire Station Project for the Southern Section of the Fire District:
April 2018 -- Station #4 Project approved by the Board of Directors. It will be located at P Path and Copper Gulch Road.  
Election Process Completed at Minimal Cost:
May 2018 -- Board members sworn in for 2 year and 4 year terms.  
EMT Training:
May 2018 -- Two local residents begin EMT training at Pueblo Community College at Fremont campus in Canon City.  
Grant Request Submitted for EMT Training:
May 2018 -- Process begun to secure $8,000 in grant money for EMT-Basic and EMT-Advanced training for 3 local residents.  
Colorado Fire Service Requests Help from DMFPD to Provide Fire Protection on the Durange Fire:
June 2018 -- Two trucks and fire crews sent to Durango, Colorado. This brings in tens of thousand of dollars into our fire district and provides valuable experience and advancement for our fire personnel.


2017 Accomplishments:

National Fires:
Several Deer Mountain firefighters served on national fires, giving them more experience and bringing revenue into the district.  
Ambulance Grant:
The grant requesting help with purchasing a new 2018 ambulance was approved. (To be delivered in 2018)


2016 Accomplishments:

  • Responses:
    • Local Fire and EMS Incidents: DMFPD responded to 101 fire related and 169 EMS incidents.
    • National Fire Deployments: Members of DMFPD participated in 11 national deployments, either locally or across the country. These operations are not only invaluable for training and personnel retention, but also help the department to bring in additional income to support our expanded services.
    • EMS Ambulance Staged at Cotopaxi School Events: With our expanded EMS services (see Station 2 updates) we were able to stage an ambulance at Cotopaxi School athletic events for immediate response to potential injuries.
  • Personnel:
    • Volunteers: 18 new volunteers joined our ranks this year
    • Training: DMFPD personnel completed over 1949 hours of training this calendar year, either fire or EMS related, and this does not include the hands on experience received on the National Fire Deployments.
  • Vehicles:
    • Newly Added Engine 21: An LMTV conversion, Engine 21 is configured as a multi-purpose Fire and MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) response vehicle.
    • Newly Added Brush 11: Another LMTV conversion, this is configured primarily as a Fire response vehicle.
  • Station 1 (Copper Gulch):
    • New Building: A new 5 bay, 5520 square feet building was put up this year to ensure all our vehicles have a protected, heated storage space to be able to carry water / respond year round.
    • Existing Buildings: Cleaned, organized and painted all exteriors
    • Roadside Sign: DMFPD received a grant for the new roadside sign to communicate alerts and upcoming events to the community.
  • Station 2 (Cotopaxi):
    • Expanded Services: DMFPD expanded our EMS services to be able to directly and more quickly serve the Cotopaxi and Indian Springs portions of our district with a second ambulance operating from this station (while also maintaining 24/7 volunteer services operating out of Station 1).
    • Upgraded Radio Antenna: A new ‘800’ radio antenna was installed along with a more powerful base station to increase the reception and transmission signal power.
  • Station 3 (Indian Springs):
    • Lot Deeded to DMFPD for New Building: The Indian Springs HOA deeded a one acre lot (free of charge) to DMFPD to allow erecting a new 2 bay garage to house a larger / newer fire response vehicle in 2017.
    • Roadside Fire Mitigation, Phase 1 Completed: Volunteers completed the first of five phases for roadside fire mitigation in the community. This produced over 60 loads of slash, 9 cords of wood, and was made possible through the 113+ hours of volunteer labor.
    • Home Ignition Zone Assessments: DMFPD now has a certified Home Ignition Zone assessor and is offering this free service to members of the DMFPD.
  • Station 4 (South Side of District):
    • District Truck Housed in this Area for Faster Reponses: Volunteers erected a building to house a response vehicle allowing DMFPD faster response times in the southernmost area of our district.
  • Financial
    • LMTV / Holmatro Lease PayOffs: This year we were able to pay off our lease for the LMTV builds as well as our Holmatro (vehicle extraction) equipment.
    • Brush 12, Brush 13, Tender 11, Support 11: Brush 12 & 13 earned approximately $68,000, Tender 11 approximately $16,000, and Support 11 $650 for the district from being deployed on National Fires.


2015 Accomplishments:

  • Responses:
    • Local Fire and EMS Incidents: DMFPD responded to over 83 fire related and 80 EMS incidents.
    • National Fire Deployments: Members of DMFPD participated in 3 national deployments.
  • Personnel:
    • Volunteers: 17 new volunteers joined our ranks this year.
    • Training: DMFPD personnel completed almost 2589 hours of training this calendar year, either fire or EMS related.
  • Vehicles:
    • Med 1: DMFPD took delivery and put into service a brand new ambulance allowing multiple EMS responses at once within the district.
    • Brush 12, Brush 13: These trucks earned a net income of approximately $31,000 for the district from being deployed on National Fires.
  • Station 1 (Copper Gulch):
    • 16k Water Tanks: We also installed 2x 16,000 water tanks behind the new building that guarantees a large, immediately accessible water source to draw from up in the Copper Gulch area.
    • Helipad: Purchased the lot across from the station and cleared the land for a modern helipad to be installed to expedite medical helicopter flight operations.
    • Community Room: Patched, painted, and cleaned the Community Room and opened it up for Deer Mountain Community use.
  • Station 2 (Cotopaxi):
    • Main Building: Cleaned, painted (interior / exterior), and equipping to allow deployment of DMFPD services from this location.
    • Accessory Building: Lowered the floor and poured a concrete approach to accommodate larger response vehicles in addition to the Main Building.

2017 (Planned):

  • Vehicles:
    • New Ambulance: We are applying for a grant to replace our original aging ambulance and if approved will allow DMFPD to operate 2 state of the art ambulances in both the Station 1 and Station 2 locations while still maintaining the original ambulance as a 3rd backup.
  • Station 3 (Indian Springs):
    • New Building: DMFPD will be erecting a new 2 bay building to allow a larger, more up to date response vehicle to better service the northern area of our district for fire events.
    • Roadside Fire Mitigation, Phase 2: The next phase of five will be initiated to remove obstructions and thin roadside fuels for safer emergency vehicle navigation / responses during a wildfire event.


Two to Three Year Future Plans:

  • Personnel:
    • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: The past two years have shown a significant increase in well skilled volunteer additions. We want to continue this trend and provide a retention plan with discounts / perks to keep these volunteers.
    • Training: We have also increased our focus on ensuring our volunteers participate in numerous training classes and hands on opportunities. We are committed to ensuring our volunteers are qualified and capable to deliver the services we provide as a department.
    • Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessments / Home Fire Mitigation Awareness and Activities: Expand on the HIZ Assessment activities started at Station 3 to all areas of the district. We also want to work with homeowners to identify the proper fire mitigation to provide the greatest survivability in the case of a future wildfire event.
  • Vehicles:
    • Complete build-out 3rd LMTV (Light Military Tactical Vehicle): This is the third of three purchased LMTVs waiting conversion into a department response vehicle. These types of trucks have tremendous clearance, payload, 4WD, and 1k gallon water capacity.
  • Financial
    • Lease Payoffs: Provided any surplus income, this will be used to payoff remaining vehicle lease debts, specifically the vehicles we use not only for local community responses as well as on National Fire Deployments (where they bring in additional financial income to the district).
    • Bill for Services Provided within our Response Jurisdiction but Outside our Formal Tax District: Solicit properties within this area to join our tax district, bill as required for those we provide response services to (who are not participating members of the DMFPD tax district) for fire / ems / vehicle incidents.



Update from the Board of Directors

Recently a Community Wildfire Protection Plan was completed for the Indian Springs area (Station 3), sponsored by the Fremont County Emergency Services and compiled by an experienced consultant from the Forest Service. We were grateful for their investment in time and money to make this a reality, as it gives our community a solid understanding of the specific wildfire risks inherent within our area and if their structures are considered “Survivable” or “Not Survivable in a wildfire event. This allows homeowners to plan and mitigate accordingly to better that rating for the future. That plan also allows us to better position ourselves for related grants as it formally documents the risks in our area and has recommendations on what can be done to decrease those risks.  
In addition to this, the lieutenant at Station 3 (Darin Anderson) recently completed the “Home Ignition Zone” training and is available to provide a detailed assessment of a structure and surrounding area that justifies a “Not Survivable” rating. This detailed review is done jointly with the homeowner and the homeowner will receive a copy of that full assessment and mitigation action recommendations. Currently this is a free service provided for residents in the Deer Mountain Fire Protection District. If interested contact Darin Anderson directly or any of the Deer Mountain Board members and an appointment time will be set up.  
View our Documents Page for the list of documents referenced above.




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