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The listed documents are the complete Community Wildfire Protection Plan and contain a wealth of information, not only on the assessment for the Indian Springs community but reducing wildfire risk in general.  
Click on each file name to see or download the document:  
Final CWPP 5-9-2016: The main Wildfire Protection Plan Summary. This contains the details of the Indian Springs area as it relates to fire characteristics (fuel loads, flame heights, etc) as well as the surrounding topology (slope, types of fuels, accesses, etc). It also contains a high level summary of the triage assessment done in the Indian Springs community and the overall ratings for the structures as “Survivable” or “Not Survivable” in the case of a wildfire event. Lastly it discusses mitigation recommendations and actions to decrease the risk of wildfire issues in the Indian Springs Area  
Appendix A-B - Maps 5-9-2016: Maps of the Indian Springs area showing the topography, satellite imagery, and slope. These maps also show the detailed triage assessments by lot as well as items such as escape routes, water sources, safety zones, etc.  
Appendix C - Evacuation Planning Guidelines: Discusses steps for setting up an effective evacuation plan in the case of a wildfire  
Appendix D - Structure Triage: Provides a good understanding of what characteristics make a structure “Survivable” vs “Not Survivable” and what those terms mean in regards to firefighter support in the case of a wildfire  
Appendix E – FireWise: Describes “Firewise” concepts to protect a home and surrounding area from the dangers of a wildfire  
Appendix F - Fuelbreak Guidelines: Describes what a fuelbreak is (vs a firebreak), how it can be implemented and the benefits  
Appendix G - Fuelbreaks & Prescribed Burns: Empty – does not apply in Indian Springs  
Appendix H - Road and Driveway Specifications: Lays out the specifications and mitigation needs for a driveway to allow proper firefighter support access for defense purposes  
Appendix I - Definition of Terms  
Appendix J - Potential Sources of Funding: Describes possible sources for funding / grants to support wildfire protection and mitigation efforts  
Appendix K -_References and Publications: Supporting references  
Appendix L - CO Wildfire Risk Assessment Report_Indian_Springs: Supplemental supporting document for the core Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Provides additional details for the Wildland Urban Interface at Indian Springs, related expected fire characteristics, and various risks  
Appendix M - Protecting Your Home from Wildfire - Creating Wildfire Defensible Space Zones: Describes how to better prepare and mitigate a home area to increase its survivability in a wildfire event  
Appendix N - ALERT FREMONT: Describes how to be part of the reverse 911 notification system in the case of a wildfire  
2016 ISLA HOA WPP: Presentation made to the Indian Springs homeowners in the June 2016 meeting covering the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  

Other Documents:

Transparency Notice - Updated January 13, 2019  
CORA Policy - Oct 17, 2018  
Fire District By-Laws Adopted March 21, 2018  
Fire Department By-Laws Adopted January 2015  
DMFPD Firefighter and EMT Application (same application)  



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